CPA Equipment Showcase: Magic Carpet

CPA Equipment Showcase: Magic Carpet
Posted on Thu 26 May 2022

The Magic Carpet system allows children to interact with projections using a range of access methods including full body movement, eye-gaze, mouse and touch screen, meaning children with a range of different abilities can interact and play together, all while engaging in therapy and having fun. A massive range  of apps mean children can play a game of virtual soccer, pop bubbles, chase fish in underwater scenes, play virtual instruments and so much more.
Hugely versatile, our Magic Carpets have been used in physiotherapy for gross motor skills, as well as speech and occupational therapy to help those with very limited movement effect change independently, providing a lovely way for clients to interact with technology to develop their skills and work towards their goals.

Not only a hit in individual therapy sessions, the Magic Carpets are also a big drawcard in group programs such as intensives and special events such as Christmas parties. It’s not just our clients that love the Magic Carpet – our therapists are really positive about the added benefit to therapy.

“The most common reported benefit is enhancing standard interventions,” said Alex Wilson, therapy manager at Port Macquarie. “One of the most significant challenges for therapists is maintaining focus and buy-in from clients to continue developing skills. The Magic Carpet is a huge drawcard, and can make the mundane very exciting, for example practising standing on one leg, asking for permission, taking turns when playing games, steering a wheelchair, picking things up from the ground etc. The Magic Carpet really increases engagement and enhances the relationship between the client and therapist.”

Our therapists from Alstonville agree, adding “The Magic Carpet has been incredibly beneficial for us. It has been very successfully used with a young boy with delays in his fine motor and communication skills to help support engagement in general and in conjunction with his goal-directed therapy. Another young client loves engaging with the Magic Carpet and we can modify our sessions based on how she is feeling on the day – sometimes she has floppy days and other days she is more active. The Magic Carpet has been used with her for multiple reasons including engaging upper limbs, increasing motivation and engagement, and visual scanning. It provides great input for people with low visions and those who love visuals/sounds. The Magic Carpet has helped us to understand this young girl’s abilities and engagement levels, which in the past have been very low.”

Our Magic Carpet at Allambie Heights is set up permanently, and is also used as a time-out space for children needing different sensory activities, and is also used as a reward for great work.

The Magic Carpet is available at CPA therapy sites across NSW and ACT, thanks to the very kind support from our donors:

• Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation
• Dee Why RSL
• Mark Coure MP and the Dept. Premier of and Cabinet
• Community Building Partnerships
• Mill House Foundation
• Cecilia Kilkeary Foundation
• Lendlease
• Veolia Mulwaree Trust

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