Tips for supporting your child’s return to school post-lockdown

Tips for supporting your child’s return to school post-lockdown
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2021

It’s been a challenging time for everyone during the pandemic and lockdowns. Children and teens have had to cope with their concerns about COVID-19, adapt to learning at home, social distance from their friends, and now transition back to school.

From Monday, 25 October 2021 all age groups return to school for on-site learning. While it’s an exciting time for children to reconnect with friends and re-establish their routines, some students may be anxious or concerned about going back to school.

Here are some helpful tips for supporting your child’s return to school:

  1. Stay informed and keep up-to-date with COVID-19 information from your child’s school about any changes in procedures, routines, and timetables so that you and your child are prepared.
  2. Be positive and reassure your child that it’s safe to return to school. Provide them with simple, factual information about the COVID-19 situation. This will help them to cope, reducing worry and anxiety.
  3. Re-establish normal routines and good habits. Download our ­CPA Routine Planning Templates.
  4. Allow time for your child and family to adjust to the new situation.
  5. Be optimistic about the future and remember that although it may take time, most children adjust well when faced with new challenges.

The Australian Government, and NSW and ACT state governments have great online resources to help support students and their families transition back to school, check out the links below.

Australian Government Department of Education:

COVID-19 support for students with disability

Return to school for children with disability


Advice for families

Helpful tips for primary students

Helpful tips for secondary students

Helpful tips for parents and carers

COVID-19-school arrangements

We’d love to hear how your family finds getting back into school and the community. Connect with us on our CPA Facebook Community Group and share your experiences and ideas.

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