Research study into validation of a Neurodevelopmental Assessment Scale

Research study into validation of a Neurodevelopmental Assessment Scale
Posted on Mon 26 Jul 2021

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project which aims to validate a Neurodevelopmental Assessment Scale (NAS) and would like to recruit parents/caregivers of children with a Neurodevelopmental Developmental Disorder (NDD) to assist with the validation.

The research study is looking to recruit parents/caregivers who meet the following criteria:

  • Parents/caregivers have a child who is preschool age (ages 2-6), or attending primary (ages 5-13) or secondary school (ages 13-18)
  • This child has an NDD
  • Parent/caregiver is able to understand verbal English
  • Parent/caregiver has reliable internet access

Examples of the types of NDDs to be included in the research on cerebral palsy, motor, communication and specific learning disorders, Intellectual Disability (ID) Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and tics.

Exclusion criteria for those who are not eligibile to participate in this component of the study include non-English speakers.

If they agree to particpiate, parents/caregivers will be asked to complete to complete the following reserach activities:

  • One online questionnaire about their child's NDD (the NAS) and one online questonnaire about their views on the NAS. These questionnaires will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete
  • An interview about their child which will take between 20-90 minutes to complete 

Please contact the following person by email or phone to register your interest in taking part in the reserach:

Syeda Ishra Azim 

Position: phD Candidate

Tel: 0468 519 225


If you have any questions about the reserach and would like to speak to the Chief Investigator, please contact: 

Professor Valsamma Eapen

Position: Professor of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry UNSW Chair, Infant, Child and Mental Health Service, SWSLHD Head, Academic Unit of Child Psychiatriy, South West Sydney (AUCS)

Tel: 02 9616 4205



Ethics Approval Number: HC210260

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