Lusio – Putting the fun and games in rehab

Lusio – Putting the fun and games in rehab
Posted on Mon 7 Dec 2020

One of the greatest challenges for most people undertaking rehabilitation is the boredom factor. Children in particular need fun and play to stay motivated and maintain focus on movement goals.

LusioMATE harnesses innovative technology and gaming to put the fun into rehab. Founded through Remarkable, CPA’s unique tech start up accelerator program, and created by Lusio Rehab, in partnership with occupational therapists and physiotherapists, the aim of LusioMATE is to motivate clients to achieve their goals while having fun.

LusioMATE is a wearable device that fits into your pocket, providing the flexibility to be used remotely, in clients’ homes as well as in clinics. Therapists can monitor and prescribe goal-based exercises (Prescription Gaming™) to clients, either in person or digitally via the Lusio dashboard.

CPA senior physiotherapist, Claire Smart has had fantastic results from Lusio Rehab and regularly uses this therapy tool to help clients achieve their goals.

“Lusio rehab has the ability to engage and motivate clients in a unique way. I had a client who refused to engage at the start of the session, using Lusio he was able to complete 40 squats in 60 seconds playing the basketball game! There was no way he would have done that without the gaming interaction,” says Claire.

Claire uses Lusio to help clients with varying abilities, from those with high level mobility goals, to those using a powered wheelchair. This provides the opportunity for those unable to participate in regular physical activities like catching a ball or jumping up and down to get involved and active. 


“You only need to be able to move your arm or leg a few degrees, and you have the power to play tetris, shoot hoops, lay chicken eggs and even ride a mountain bike!

 It is wonderful to see the world of interactive gaming be opened up to those with disabilities and make moving and physio fun! Kids now have the opportunities to compete with their able-bodied friends and siblings in a competitive game, and playing again and again to beat their high scores,” says Claire.

One of Claire Smart’s clients, five year old Jett now uses Lusio to motivate him to improve his motor skills and other impairments resulting from a brain tumour. Jett revels in the gaming and element of competition.

“Lusio Rehab has allowed us to incorporate Jett’s love for computer gaming into his home exercise program. We have been able to use exercises such as: sit to stands to play Lusio basketball and kicking to play Lusio soccer. This has worked on increasing Jett’s balance and left sided strength to improve his walking endurance,” says Claire. 

 “I have even seen Lusio being used to practice the skill of weight transferring on a bike. The sensors were on the child’s foot and bike and by using game to practice leaning to his weaker side, he was able to translate his strength and skills to outdoor bike riding and turning. Jett loves riding his bike, so the strength and balance he’s developing using Lusio will help him translate these skills to outdoor bike riding,” says Claire.


Crystal and Peter, Jett’s parents commented that since introducing Lusio into Jett’s physiotherapy program they’ve noticed a really positive change in his attitude towards his daily exercises, and they also find Lusio really useful as it allows them to set parameters for the exercises to make sure that he is doing them correctly with the correct range of motion.

“Before Lusio we sometimes struggled to get him motivated to do his exercises each day but since getting it we now have him asking “when are we doing Lusio.” He loves trying out all of the games and the gaming aspect encourages him to push himself to set new high scores,” say Jett’s parents, Crystal and Peter.

“I would highly recommend Lusio to any therapist looking for fun options to engage both children and adults in daily movement and exercise,” says Claire.


Families interested in accessing or purcashing this Assistive Technology can contact Lusio Rehab on or 1300 1 LUSIO.

Chat to our team now on 1300 888 378 about how to incorporate therapy tools for your child into your existing therapy sessions.

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