Outcomes for children and young people using disability services: A survey for carers

Outcomes for children and young people using disability services: A survey for carers
Posted on Mon 7 Dec 2020

Researchers from Scope in Victoria are inviting carers of children and young people (aged 0-14 years) to help them test an outcomes survey. The survey asks carers to think about a disability service or support the child has accessed, and then complete some questions about how that service or support has impacted different areas of the child’s life.

Scope’s researchers have been working on ways to measure the impact that disability services have on customers’ lives. Having information about impact or outcomes is important because it helps service providers understand if services are making a difference in the lives of people with disability. Outcomes data lets people with disability and their carers see how effective a service is, and can help them make informed decisions about choosing future services and supports.

When this research is completed, Scope will be able to tell if the survey is a useful and effective way of determining the impact of services..

Taking part involves the carer completing the survey online. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. The survey is now open.

For more information and to complete the survey, click this link:


If you would like to talk to someone about the research, please contact Caroline Hart on:

0437 840 684 or email CHart@scopeaust.org.au.

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