Robert’s story

Robert's story
Posted on Wed 25 Nov 2020

Robert has attended Warrah’s Community Support Services for many years now, five days per week with the support of a one on one staff member. During this time he has participated in many community activities including volunteering farm deliveries to various food coops, banking, swimming, bushwalking and café outings.



In March the world slowed and focused on keeping everyone safe. Warrah’s Community Support Services implemented changes in its service delivery and Robert has continued to attend Warrah during this time, actively participating in many new activities on site. Whilst he was unable to access activities in the community Robert has discovered that new opportunities have provided him with time to learn new skills, develop new interests and experience Community Support Services in a different way. CoVid 19 has provided quieter days where Warrah participants have had access to an extensive network of different experiences encompassing many therapies and activities.



Robert showed an interest in facilitated watercolour sessions held weekly for adults at Warrah, and has discovered a natural talent for painting beautiful scenes. He takes quiet pride in his work, and his focus and concentration reflects in his work.

Robert has been propagating succulents with Ani, and has created some spectacular displays using a variety of eclectic containers and pots, soils and coloured pebbles. He had created so many potted succulents that he was able to run a small Mothers Day Stall outside Diramu, wearing a mask and gloves, he keenly waved down people visiting the farm shop, enjoying chatting about the beautiful pots he had created.



Continuing his emersion in nature, Rob has undertaken several flower arranging sessions, using flowers and greenery from our beautiful site, guided by Ani, he created lovely arrangements for his mum Debbie, and his group home Team Leader, Cheryl for Mother’s Day. He made a bunch of flowers for his friend Kelsie’s recent birthday, and created a native display for Warrah founder Karl Kaltenbach’s anniversary.



Rob has undertaken many farming tasks over the past few months, helping to tidy garden beds, chop down bamboo for his Bee Hotel project and recently took part in National Tree Planting Day, planting native seedlings at the Banksia Learning Space.



Rob has enjoyed music sessions on Tuesdays, mosaic making, celebrated Christmas in July lunch, took part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, baked for Warrah’s maintenance team, and is currently working on building Bee Hotels!

Warrah recognises the transition to onsite activities during CoVid 19  has created space for people  to shine in different ways, to try new experiences and develop new interests. We are so proud of you Rob embracing this change, the learning that has come from it, and the experiences you have enjoyed.


I’m Marie. I wear many hats; as a student in my first year at Western Sydney University studying communications, and I work as a Disability Support Practitioner for Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

A new research study is recruiting parents of newborn babies to participate in a study that looks at the way infants’ movements develop over time.

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