CPA Recruiters running for Babies at Risk

CPA Recruiters running for Babies at Risk
Posted on Fri 24 Jul 2020

CPA Staff, clients, and supporters will be crossing the Harbour Bridge this September as part of Blackmores Sydney Running Festival.  

CPA hopes to raise $15,000 to support Babies at Risk - a program delivering therapy to babies at risk of cerebral palsy (CP) from 3 months of age, rather than the typical 18-24 months.  

Our wonderful team of Recruiters – Charlotte, Jelena, Monique and Prin - are bravely taking on the Bridge Run (10km).  

They all have different motivations for taking part:  

'Being at CPA has made me want to help people, in any way I can. This event is for a great cause and I can’t wait to be part of it.’ – Charlotte

‘Fitness is very important to me. This is an opportunity to do something I love and have fun with it! Plus, I’m doing it with my amazing colleagues’ – Jelena

‘When I saw the email for the Bridge Run, I thought yeah go on, challenge yourself. So that’s what I’m doing! And I’m doing something for a brilliant cause.’ – Monique  

‘My close friend’s daughter was born with CP. It is very tough for him but he would do anything to support her.’ – Prin  

They have all found different training methods that work for them, from Jelena doing High-Intensity Interval Training, to Charlotte and Monique downloading running apps like ‘Couch to 5K’, to Prin listening to podcasts on her early morning runs. 

But they have the same message for other CPA who might be considering joining Team CPA:  

‘DO IT! We can all support each other and you will feel so good being part of something that is making a massive difference to people’s lives’ – Charlotte

‘Let’s all get involved in doing something rewarding and have fun at the same time!’ - Jelena  

‘Give it a go. If I can, you can too.’ - Monique

‘You can do it! Let’s get out of our comfort zone and run.’ – Prin

UPDATE: Due to the worsening situation in Australia, its impact on NSW and the heightened risk, Blackmores Sydney Running Festival has been postponed. The event team are currently working towards holding the event on the backup date of 8 November, however this is subject to health orders of that period and approval of all stakeholders. A final decision on the 2020 event will be announced by 14 September. 

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