Become a regular giver for children like Laker

Become a regular giver for children like Laker
Posted on Fri 29 May 2020

On the 27th of March, we suspended all face-to-face physiotherapy, OT and speech pathology in order to protect our families during COVID-19. We knew we could not continue with business-as-usual. As respiratory illness is the leading cause of death for people with cerebral palsy, the immediate risk to the people we help was simply too great to continue. 

With the current pandemic and physical distancing impacting the country, it is vital that we remain present and continue to provide crucial and regular therapy to people with cerebral palsy.

So, in response to the changing times, we quickly upscaled our virtual services and were delivering therapy via Telepractice within a matter of days. 

Through Telepractice, we’re able to link children & adults with CP to their therapist via video. It is currently the only safe way to deliver crucial therapy to those who need it.  

Laker is among the youngest of the children we help. He had been attending regular therapy sessions since he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, left side hemiplegia, at 9 months-old. When the coronavirus hit, his face-to-face therapy sessions were put on indefinite hold.  

But, thanks to Telepractice, Laker has been able to continue his therapy at this vital point in his development and with a therapist he already knows and trusts. 

His mum, Lauren explained the importance of maintaining this continuity of support:  

‘I think for any parent that has a child with special needs, their biggest fear during this pandemic is “will my child fall behind? Will they still be able to reach their goals and achieve the things they would achieve if the pandemic wasn’t happening?” It’s great to see he’s still progressing and reaching his goals.’ 

For children, like Laker, therapy sets them up for the rest of their lives.  

We need your help to ensure all children & adults with CP can access their physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists via Telepractice. Currently we have 400 of our most vulnerable families who need to continue vital and life-changing therapy, but they cannot afford the technology.  

They need your support.  

So, at such a vital time, we are reaching out to all of our amazing supporters and kindly asking if you can come back on board by setting aside $35 for a month, just to ensure we can continue the crucial therapy that helps manage people’s pain and continues their progress. 

Will you help other children like Laker get the support they need? 

For more information, contact or call 1300 136 140

Uni student Marge is working towards her fitness goals with exercise physiologist Russell. Sessions have been conducted  via Telepractice during COVID and Marge is keen to continue this in combination with in-person.

Our new virtual fundraising challenge, Take20, is a way to challenge yourself, get creative and help people living with CP

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