A message from our CEO to CPA’s Big Family

A message from our CEO to CPA's Big Family
Posted on Thu 7 May 2020

In this time of uncertainty, I wanted to reach out and say thank you.

2020 has proven to be a difficult year so far. It began with the devastating bushfires and now we must navigate the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. Through it all, you have remained steadfast in your support for people living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Thank you for your amazing generosity.

CPA's Big Family is made up  of many individuals with different experiences and expertise - researchers, therapists, parents, friends, family, carers and incredible supporters like you. 

There is diversity among us, but there’s something we all have in common – a shared goal that has brought us together to help remove the pain that cerebral palsy can cause. 

As a member of CPA’s Big Family, we know you driven by passion. You care about improving the lives of people living with CP and other disabilities. 

The people we serve are impacted more significantly by COVID-19 than most. Respiratory illness is the leading cause of death for people living with CP. The challenges they face have not stopped because there is a pandemic; their need for support has only increased. 

At CPA, we are ‘inspired by challenges’, and ‘we act bravely and with conviction’. In recent weeks, we have stepped up to the challenge and transformed the way we work and deliver services. We have done this because this is what families do. We take care of the people we love. We are there when we’re needed. We love unconditionally. 

In this time of great anxiety, never forget, you are part of the family that's replacing pain with happiness. 

It is only thanks to people like you that we can provide that extra support to people living with CP and other disabilities.

Most of our therapy programs were forced to shift online suddenly to protect families. CPA Telepractice allows people to access vital services remotely so therapists can continue to support children and adults with disability. But some families are missing out on crucial therapy due to financial or technological constraints.

Your support shows you understand how important therapy is for someone with CP to manage pain. Would you consider an extra gift to the Emergency Telepractice Appeal? You can help families who would otherwise find it impossible to continue their therapy by donating online today.

Donate to Emergency Telepractice Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Thank you. It’s only thanks to generous people like you that we can provide the extra support to people living with CP and other disabilities. 

donorsupport@cerebralpalsy.org.au | 1300 136 140

You are invited to participate in an online survey about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your child with a neurodevelopmental disability or rare genetic disorder.