Fulfil your travel dreams with Travel Without Limits

Fulfil your travel dreams with Travel Without Limits
Posted on Thu 24 Oct 2019

Have you always wanted to travel but have accessibility needs and find the financial or logistical hurdles too great?

Julie, the mum of a long-term CPA client has navigated infancy, primary school and now adulthood, supporting her son who lives with athetoid cerebral palsy. 

When her son was younger Julie felt isolated by the lack of content in the media around disability. She’s worked in the travel industry for years and has written about accessible travel in mainstream magazines, but she also felt there wasn't enough space to truly explore the topics people needed. So, earlier this year she co-founded and launched Travel Without Limits magazine.

The magazine has been an absolute labour of love for Julie, she’s so proud to be able to share it with the aim of educating and providing inspiration that affordable, accessible travel is possible.

“Let’s break down those limiting barriers created by people and show them what is possible. People with disability are travelling and therefore we need the tourism industry to see this, take note and become more inclusive,” says Julie.



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