One mighty family’s good life in the country

One mighty family’s good life in the country
Posted on Wed 15 May 2019

by Tina Wild

Parents Amelia and Shane share their story about family life in the Hunter region of NSW, with their children Grace and Jim. Jim lives with cerebral palsy, which presents additional challenges, yet the family feel incredibly supported by their small community and couldn’t be happier with the way Jim’s accepted at school.

Jim’s also had incredible results from the therapy he’s received, particularly the intensive therapy program Mighty Kids through CPA at Croudace Bay, which has helped to improve his motor skills and assisted with important tasks like transferring from a walker to a wheelchair. The culmination of amazing therapy has enabled him to ride a horse, take his first steps in the swimming pool and be the best he can be.

“We now consider any form of intensive therapy is the way to go because of the repetition and the amount of time the therapist is having with the child. We’re looking for any intensive programs for Jim because we know it will work. “


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