CPARF’s newest ambassador: Justin Gallegos

CPARF’s newest ambassador: Justin Gallegos
Posted on Mon 29 Apr 2019

CPARF is thrilled to announce Nike athlete Justin Gallegos as our newest ambassador. As a seasoned runner living with cerebral palsy, he’s powered by effort, determination, and strength.

He knows what it’s like to stumble and fall. To brush it off and get back up. To give his all and cross the finish line. Justin brings that resilience everywhere he goes, and that’s why we’re proud to have him as part of our global STEPtember campaign.

Justin first running steps were on cross country as a high school freshman. That ultimately led him to winning gold in the Paralympics 400-meter race for his division at the California state championship, which led to Runners Magazine naming him one of its 2017 Heroes of Running.

He’s a forward mover and forward thinker. As a member of the University of Oregon’s track club, Justin puts his feet through more than the average runner — and he knew he needed a shoe that would support his personal running style. So he reached out to Nike’s Sports Research Lab and collaborated on a shoe that worked for him and that could help other athletes make unconventional strides.

Justin put those shoes to good use when he finished a half-marathon in April 2018. Six months later, he officially became Nike’s first professional athlete with CP and made his mark in a viral video that continues to move people, with more than half a million views as of today. Justin’s story is proof that even one step can change a life.

That’s why we’re thrilled to run beside him.

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