Hear the beat – music with a mission

Hear the beat – music with a mission
Posted on Tue 5 Feb 2019

written by Tina Wild


Young musician and entrepreneur Nathan Johnston believes no matter what your ability is, if you’re making music, it deserves to be heard.

With this philosophy in mind Nathan has built a new inclusive and accessible music streaming service called DME3. The service supports musicians, signed and unsigned, and listeners who live with a disability.

Twenty four year-old Nathan, originally from Yass in NSW, now based in Bega, has cerebral palsy and uses text-to-speech software to access music platforms, so it was important for him to build that accessibility into the platform.

“This will allow any artist or user who can’t read to fully navigate our platform with their reading software.”

That’s the big difference between DME3 and other music platforms, which are not all accessible with reading programs. Given 25% of the population have accessibility requirements, it’s a great initiative to fill a clear gap in the market.

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Where did inspiration spark?

Music has always been Nathan’s passion. He’s been making electronic music on his computer since high school but he listens to an eclectic mix and one of his biggest influences is Metallica.

Being a muso Nathan loves to attend live music and regularly goes to local festivals and concerts. The idea for DME3 came from wanting to enable those grassroots artists to get their music listened to without having to go mainstream.

“Being independent as a musician is important in order to retain artistic control.”

Attending festivals keeps him across what’s new so he can approach artists he’s interested in signing to DME3. He’d love to go to different festivals further afield but says attending live music venues can be a challenge with regards to accessibility for wheelchairs.

It took four years to get the business off the ground, including a lot of research, patience, perseverance, plus generous grants and crowdfunding contributions from his local community in Bega. Nathan believes in never giving up and always giving a hundred percent. It was this tenacity that gave him the determination to succeed.


What’s next?

Nathan is calling on artists of all genres to submit their tunes to the online catalogue. It is free for musicians to submit music to the platform. In return, they will gain exposure not only locally but worldwide, build connections and grow their potential.

“DME3 supports unsigned artist including those who live with a disability. No matter what your ability is, your music deserves to be heard by listeners around the world.”

DME3 has already signed five diverse up and coming bands spanning metal, electronica pop, rock and modern country, hailing from Australia and the U.S.

The music streaming service for members will be launched once the platform has established music playlists.

“The aim is to launch the music streaming service with a big catalogue of great music for listeners!”


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