Improve your health, strength and stamina with these top 5 fitness hacks

Improve your health, strength and stamina with these top 5 fitness hacks
Posted on Tue 5 Jun 2018

If you need some inspiration to start an exercise program or to improve your results if your current exercise regime isn’t having the desired effect, Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) exercise physiologists (EPs) are here to help.

Our EPs are passionate, tertiary educated, and Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) accredited. They specialise in human movement and the prescription of exercise for people living with disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, particularly in the delivery of neuromuscular exercise therapy in both individual and group-based interventions.

Committed to staying fit and healthy themselves, their tips are great for the whole family:

1.  Eliza Giugni specialises in Pilates, chronic disease management, teen fitness programs, falls prevention programs and hydrotherapy. She says:

“Healthy living is not just about following a structured gym routine. Incidental exercise is just as important. Incidental exercise is any physical activity built up during the day – movement that can be done anywhere and at any time.

My tips are to:

  • Make your social life active
  • If you’re watching TV, move around during the ad breaks. Air punches or marching on the spot will get you heart rate up
  • Walk when and where you can, and take the stairs where possible.”

2. Brodie Palmer specialises in children and teenage group sessions, hydrotherapy and sport-specific training. She has a special interest in wheelchair and fully inclusive sports and recreation, and learning about each client’s special interests. She says:

“Make it fun! Whether it’s joining a social group, playing your favourite sport, getting out in the great outdoors, pumping up the tunes or cracking your worst joke during the hardest exercise; you’re much more likely to stick to an activity if you enjoy it.”

3. Paige Howell finds it rewarding to help clients improve strength and fitness in order to increase their independence and enable them to achieve their goals. She says:

“Osteoporosis isn’t just something to think about later in life. By completing high impact, aerobic or strength training during adolescence you may reduce your future fracture risk by up to 50 per cent!”

4. Alex Wilson says there is no better feeling than empowering someone to believe in their skills and abilities – especially because that leap forward often leads to the person achieving their next goal. He says:

“When exercising be sure that you are progressing regularly. If you are not progressing then you won’t be getting any better! Aim to challenge yourself by doing more repetitions of something each time, or make it harder – both will work. You could walk for 10 minutes longer than normal, or do four sets of push-ups instead of three. You could even hold something heavy in your hands to increase the intensity of your squats. Just remember to stay safe. When you want to progress, only change your routine a little bit at a time so you can be sure your body can handle it.”

5. Mark Liberatore trained as an EP and now manages the health, wellbeing and sports team. He is constantly inspired by the goals and life-changing outcomes achieved by CPA clients. He says:

“Did you know that accredited exercise physiologists can also provide expert nutrition advice, particularly around the importance of refuelling post-exercise? EPs are experts in exercise prescription, lifestyle modification and increasing behaviours that promote healthy living. Are you working with an EP?”

CPA offers a number of services and group-based exercise programs across several of its sites. Go here for details.

If you would like to know more about how an exercise physiologist can help you please feel free to email Mark. He is always willing to provide advice and support.

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