Jason’s uncle inspires $10,000 donation

Jason’s uncle inspires $10,000 donation
Posted on Thu 10 May 2018

VivCourt was created by Sydney businessman Rob Keldoulis who has taken the traditional corporate business model and removed the shareholder layer. Instead, the business is centred on employees, customers and charities.

This allows staff members to feel as though they are doing more than making money and it allows the company to encourage employees to support not-for-profits via a social giving scheme based on bonuses.

Staff members are awarded ‘social bonuses’ and one of the share traders, Jason, was motivated by memories of his incapacitated uncle to donate his bonus of $10,000 to Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA).

“I was surprised when Rob told me about the social bonus,” says Jason. “I never expected to have one.”

Three other generous traders also chose to donate their $10,000 social bonuses to CPA.

When Jason was a boy he lived with his grandmother, his aunt and uncle. “My uncle had brain damage. He couldn’t move at all. He needed peoples’ help and he couldn’t speak in full sentences. I would look at him and wonder if there was anything I could do to help him.”

Jason realises it is too late to help his uncle but he decided to donate his bonus to CPA because “it’s a charity that can help people like my uncle”.

VivCourt is making a difference

Joshua O'Rourke, Head of Relationship Fundraising for CPA, thanked the VivCourt team for their amazing support. “Corporates have a really important part to play in solving some of the big social issues of our time, and programs such as VivCourt’s that put people before profit make a huge difference to people with disabilities.”

CPA supports people with disabilities of all ages to participate fully in life. “We build futures for people who have cerebral palsy,” he says.

Jason is pleased that his workplace encourages staff to support not-for-profits. “It means my work is not just about making money. I also have the opportunity to give to charities and to do something to create a better world.”

Since VivCourt was founded in 2011 its staff has donated more than $3 million to charities. To learn more about VivCourt go here.

To watch a video featuring Jason and Joshua go here.

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