Kellie Thomson

Kellie  Thomson
Position: Occupational Therapist

Born and raised on the Central Coast, Kellie has no plans to ever leave. She studied at the University of Sydney and was delighted when she secured a role at Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2011. She admires the passion of her colleagues and how dedicated they are to improving the lives of people who have a disability.

Kellie enjoys building relationships with clients and their families and celebrating their achievements – big and small – as they reach their goals. In terms of a big achievement, she cites the example of a three year old who was only sleeping between two to five hours a nights, causing distress to the whole family.

Kellie worked with the child and his parents and introduced sleep positioning, behavioural strategies and a new routine. The boy is now sleeping through the night in his own bed and peace has returned.

Then there are smaller successes that are just as significant. Kellie had a client who was determined to learn to tie his own shoelaces so he could wear runners to school. It only took two sessions for him to master it, so they moved straight onto learning how he could tie double knots! On days like these, Kellie knows she has the best job in the world.