Nicki Stuart

Nicki  Stuart
Position: Physiotherapist

With 25 years experience working with people who have disabilities, Nicki is as passionate about supporting them to be able to access and participate in the activities they want to experience as she was when she joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2009.

The support Nicki provides can start when a client is a baby. She can work with them as they develop and gain function as well as supporting their families through this often challenging period. 

Nicki specialises in prescribing seating and wheelchairs because getting this right is essential in order for a client to feel connected to their community and to be able to access the supports they need to live the best possible life.

Nicki realises she is just one member of a team of health professionals who guides a person with disability and this makes her grateful for the great care her colleagues demonstrate, and how they work together to support clients to reach their goals.