Rita Schwerlichovszky

Rita  Schwerlichovszky
Position: Senior Conductive Educator

To children and parents alike, she’s known as Miss Rita – a title that’s used with affection because Rita has been with Cerebral Palsy Alliance since 2000. This means she has watched many of her “littlies” grow into young adults.

A qualified preschool teacher, Rita has a Masters in Conductive Education and established the CPA Conductive Education program for children under the age of six. She is responsible for the academic elements of this child-centred developmental program, including the practical environment and clinical resources, along with the daily routine of the preschool.

Conductive Education classes aim to teach children to execute tasks and learn new skills in a safe and fun environment where each new success is celebrated.

Rita feels wonderful when she sees a child say a new word, learn to sit or take their first step independently — and she always looks for the joy on the face of their parents.

She admires how parents and family members stay strong and hopeful for their children and the heart-warming moments she witnesses remain her driving force.

Each day she is in the classroom she feels privileged to see children marvel at the little wonders of life, such as drawing with coloured pencils, and the way they relate positively to each other and laugh freely with her.