Conductive Education – Intensive School Holiday Program

Conductive Education - Intensive School Holiday Program

Thu 1 Jan 1970

Allambie Heights Campus
17/1/22 to 21/1/229.30am - 2.30pm-none-

Playful learning based activities to increase life skills and independence

Conductive Education Intensive is an educational based learning program which provides a holistic approach to the development of children 6-10 years with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities.


What does this program cover?

Conductive Education offers age-appropriate and motivating activities, to help children learn to be active participant and responsible learners - striving for independence.

During the school holiday program children are actively engaged in age-appropriate fun activities that they find interesting. The program is based on a well-balanced routine where the children will be involved physically, academically and socially, nurturing their natural curiosity. Opportunities are provided to interact with peers throughout the week.

Activities are based on healthy routines. Including floor exercises, skipping, ball activities, cooperative games e.g. board games, news sharing, memory games, craft activities, handwriting/reading, and other collaborative activities. 

The children’s work is collated at the end of the week that highlights their achievements and creativity.


    What are the expected outcomes?

    Individual holistic goals are identified collaboratively with the family and conductor for each child at the beginning of the week.

    Goals focus on maximising independence, making friends, cooperating with peers, socialisation, physical skill development (e.g. balance, fitness) and academic tasks (e.g. reading, writing, art, music).

    Skills are taught and practised in a supported therapeutic small group environment through engaging and fun holiday themed activities.


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