Little Movers (Online Music and Movement classes)

Little Movers (Online Music and Movement classes)

Thu 1 Jan 1970

20/5/21 to 24/6/2111.15am - 12pmEvery Week on Thursday
13/8/21 to 17/9/2110am - 10.45amEvery Week on Friday
20/10/21 to 24/11/2110.30am - 11.15amEvery Week on Wednesday

Play and develop skills in a fun and online environment

The Little Movers online group is 6-week physiotherapy-based program designed to meet the needs of children between 0-2yrs with or at risk of cerebral palsy, whose movement skills are delayed.

The live online group will provide a socially interactive environment in which songs and play will provide the motivation to assist young children to learn to move. The physiotherapist running the group will guide and prompt parents in assisting their child to gain body and postural awareness and optimal ways to assist transitional movement patterns.

The group will run for 1 hour each week over a 6 week period. As part of the program, each client will be sent a fun therapy toy resource pack to keep, and parents will be shown fun and creative ways to use the resources in order to engage and progress the motor developmental and stimulate neuroplasticity with their little movers.


What does this program involve?

  • Gross motor skills e.g. rolling, sitting, tummy time, crawling, pulling to stand
  • Motivated and stimulated through music, singing and play
  • Parent/Carer training to promote movement
  • Activities to initiate and enhance turn taking and choice making


What are the expected outcomes?

  • Opportunity for practise and repetition of gross motor development sequence such as rolling, sitting, pulling to standing - These skills are dependent on practise and repetition to stimulate neuroplasticity which is the capability of the developing brain to form new pathways for movement.
  • For parents - develop new skills and confidence around ways to promote and engage your little mover in gross motor activities in order to form new pathways for movement
  • Opportunity for parents to engage socially with other parents  
  • Provision of therapist report of participation and progress made over the course of the program to be made available to funding body, local therapy team and parents/carers


Who is the program for?

  • Children aged 0-2 years
  • Diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) or at risk of CP including other associated impairments e.g. visual, hearing, cognition


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Groups are term-based and will not run on public holidays. Dates and times are subject to change. 

This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

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