Self Advocacy Workshop – Online

Self Advocacy Workshop - Online

Mon 2 Nov 2020

12/10/20 to 14/12/203.30pm - 5.30pmEvery Week on Monday

Learn about your rights as a young person within society

Opportunities will be given to discuss issues directly affecting the participants in their own lives. Skill development will focus on recognising personal strengths and speaking out within a group. 

Participants will take part in activities that build confidence and self- esteem. Core skill development will include planning, organisation and negotiation within a group.

The workshop project will be based around producing a short film clip about dealing with injustice/ or a situation where there is a need to speak out.


What's involved?

  • Use of internet to resource materials 
  • Participation in mini debates and talks 
  • Question and answer session with guest speakers 
  • Role Play and video based activities 
  • Poster creation 
  • Voice projection and drama based activities such as improvisation and scene setting 
  • Practice emails and making telephone calls


Who is this for?

  • Teenagers 13-17 years and young adults aged 18-30 years
  • Interested in making friends and engaging in group activities


What are the expected outcomes?

  • Identification of own strengths and skills 
  • Demonstration of negotiation skills within a group 
  • Recognise rights of young people within society 
  • Develop an action plan to deal with an issue 



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