Early Communication Parent Workshop

Early Communication Parent Workshop

Thu 4 May 2023

13/3/23 to 13/3/2310am - 12pm-none-
04/5/23 to 04/5/2311am - 1pm-none-

Information session for parents/ carers of children aged 0-6yrs experiencing speech and language difficulties or delays.

This information session is for parents and carers of children aged 0-6yrs who have identified language delays or who might be having difficulty in communicating with others.

The session will touch on early communication development, including communication milestones, basic strategies to foster more positive interactions and to aid development, and information about what to do if you think your child has a communication delay.

  • Location Online event
  • Cost Free

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For more information or to register your interest for one of our sessions please contact us on 1300 888 378 or eceienquiries@cerebralpalsy.org.au.


Email eceienquiries@cerebralpalsy.org.au

Call 1300 888 378

FREE online event

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