Let’s Eat! (8-17 years) – Online School Holiday Program

Let's Eat! (8-17 years) - Online School Holiday Program

Tue 18 Jan 2022

18/1/22 to 21/1/2210am - 1pmWeekdays

School holiday intensive occupational therapy cooking program

School holiday intensive occupational therapy cooking program (Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st January 2022).

This program offers 12hrs over four consecutive days this coming January school holidays. The live online program is designed to teach and encourage your child to safely and independently make simple and tasty meals at home. Our occupational therapist will demonstrate how your child can cook using their current abilities, introduce new skills or task modification and introduce potentially helpful assistive technologies in the kitchen. 

Cooking doesn’t just involve putting all the ingredients together. It also involves planning grocery list, budgeting and purchasing ingredients. That’s why when you sign up for the January Let’s Eat program, we will send you all the recipes PLUS a $30 grocery voucher to put towards the purchase of the recipe ingredients.


What does this program involve?

Each day is themed and sessions will be 3hrs in length. Please allow in additional set-up time prior to logging into the online ‘kitchen’ (approx. 15-20mins before each session).

  • Day 1: Breakfast
  • Day 2: Lunch
  • Day 3: Dinner
  • Day 4: Challenge Day – “Mystery Box”. With some pre-planning, your child will cook a dish from one of the dishes we did in the past 3 days! 

*Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options will be available for each meal.


What are the program outcomes:

  • Learn cooking skills and strategies to be a more confident in the kitchen.
  • Learn the basics of food preparation (opening jars, how to open cans, cutting, cracking eggs, opening packets)
  • Learn about a variety of assistive or adaptive equipment which can help with cooking
  • Learn about task analysis and how to modify task to support independence and success with cooking.

*If your child is transitioning into high school in 2022, this is a great opportunity to develop skills and confidence as year 7 students complete Food Technology subjects 


Who is this program for?

  • 8 – 17 years old 
  • Participants who have:
    • Interest in cooking and being in the kitchen
    • The ability to use two hands together or have the necessary support available to provide assistance with using two hand together (e.g. working towards using a knife and fork with support)
    • The ability to listen and follow instructions (2 step instructions). This includes turn taking. 
    • The ability to mobilise around kitchen while carrying items or support to carry/move items around the kitchen.



Register your interest now to secure your place!

Call 1300 888 378, email ask@cerebralpalsy.org.au or complete the registration form at the top of this page. 

This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

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