LEGO® Club

LEGO® Club

Mon 30 May 2022

Tuggerah Centre
02/5/22 to 06/6/224.15pm - 5.15pmEvery Week on Monday
Erina Centre
10/10/22 to 14/11/224.15pm - 5.15pmEvery Week on Monday

Learn to communicate with others, express feelings and develop problem solving skills

LEGO® therapy is a social development program for children with social communication difficulties.

The program uses LEGO®-based activities as the mechanism to support the development of social skills within a group setting.

Through the 6 weekly structured group play-based therapy sessions, children learn to communicate with others and express their feelings, learn a variety of ways of relating to other, modify their behaviour and develop their problem solving skills.


What does this program involve?

During the LEGO® Club group sessions, children will work together as a team to build a LEGO® model. Each child is allocated 1 of 4 specific jobs in order to collaboratively build the LEGO® model.

  • The Engineer is in charge of the instructions. Reads and relays the instructions to the team about which bricks they need and where to put them.
  • The Supplier is in charge of finding the correct LEGO® pieces. Listen and pays attention to the Engineer about which brick is required and select the correct piece for the Builder.
  • The Builder is in charge of building the model. Listens to the Builder, Engineer, and Checker to problem solves where the pieces go.
  • The Checker is in charge of ensuring the build is going to plan. Problem solves and attends to the entire build to ensure everything is going to plan and can help the other members of the team if needed.

Using this structure format, each child will be provided with an opportunity to practice and develop a range of social communication skills. Time is also allocated for a ‘free build’ and children are supported to play together during this time.


What are the expected outcomes?

The LEGO® Club program targets the following skills:

  • Receptive and expressive language skills – giving and receiving instructions
  • Attention and listening skills
  • Turn taking
  • Importance of non-verbal communication such as eye-contact when speaking and listening, body posture to communication partner
  • Sharing and compromising
  • Negotiating
  • Collaborative problem solving


Who is the program for?

  • School aged children (6-12 years) looking to increase communication and social skills
  • With fine motor and bimanual skills to play with LEGO® or DUPLO®
  • Able to follow 1 and 2 stage instructions and to give instructions (either verbally or using AAC)


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