Survivor Getaway – The Rocks, Sydney

Survivor Getaway - The Rocks, Sydney

Mon 20 Apr 2020

20/4/20 to 23/4/20
7.30am - 6pmDaily

Independent living skills getaway for 18-30's - Express Your Interest!

If your goal is to gain living independence with a view to move out of home, this is the program for you. Survivor is an exciting program running from 20 - 23 April 2020 in The Rocks, Sydney, NSW.

This social and independent living skills program is designed for young adults aged 18-30 years seeking the opportunity to experience independence away from home in a fun, social and supportive environment.

The program provides the opportunity in a fun setting for young adults to develop social skills and friendships, be challenged to participate in purposeful activities aimed at increasing knowledge, confidence, and making choices and decisions for themselves.

CPA Youth Coaches support each person in providing intense skills building and guidance practicing in all areas of life to enable successful independence in the home and community.


What does this program involve?

  • Three nights, four days away from home in a shared living environment
  • A social holiday program with a small group of approx. 8 adults
  • Purposeful activities that build living independence and social skills not limited to:
    • Budgeting
    • Healthy meal planning
    • Shopping excursions
    • Meal preparation
    • Personal Care
    • Community navigation
    • Outings using public transport
    • Real estate ins & outs
    • Skills sessions
    • Communication skills 
    • Problem solving
    • Team work 
    • Plus socialising with fellow young adults!


Who is this program for?

  • Young adults aged 18 -30 years seeking living independence, new skills and social awareness
  • All disabilities are welcome 
  • Participants must be able to understand and follow instructions and communicate their needs
  • Participants must be able to assist with their self-care
  • CPA welcomes both new and existing customers to attend any of our programs



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All youth activities can be packaged under Core Supports, talk to us about how we can make your NDIS plan work for you. 

This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

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