Conductive Education

The safety and wellbeing of CPA clients is at the centre of our practice. In line with direction from the Australian Government around COVID-19, this program is now delivered via our CPA Telepractice services.

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Conductive Education

Mon 8 Jun 2020

05/5/20 to 30/6/203pm - 4pmWeekdays

Playful learning activities based to increase life skills and independence

Children with cerebral palsy benefit from Conductive Education, a model of learning which provides fun, playful opportunities to increase life skills and independence.

Children are encouraged to set their own achievable goals and practice their new skills at school, home and in the community.

The program is suitable for children who are able to follow instructions and engage with others in a group setting.


What does this program cover?

Participants undertake a structured program of age-appropriate activities designed to improve their fine motor, mobility, play skills, attention and social connection

This supportive, group approach to learning has the potential to increase a child’s self-esteem, motivation and activity levels. It can help someone persist in their efforts to overcome barriers and nurture in them new social and communication skills.


What do you need for Conductive Education at home?

  • A relatively quiet open space indoors, enough to fit a yoga size mat plus access to table and chair.
  • A device (ipad, laptop, phone) with a stable internet connection.
  • Household items to use for activities –your Conductor will provide you with specific list of items required prior to each session
  • Parents/carers will be required to complete some small set-up prior to each session and provide hands off supervision during the weekly group sessions


Who is this program for?

  • School-aged children 7-12 years


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This program can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

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