Fun and Play

Children just want to play, interact and have fun with others.

Through play and having fun, children with cerebral palsy have the opportunity to communicate, make choices and relieve tension. They are exposed to elements that make life enjoyable and develop interests and hobbies.

Playing is an important therapy for children with cerebral palsy. Children obtain self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualisation, and self-efficacy from play. Play also boosts their ego, stimulates creative thinking, releases emotion and provides opportunities to practice skills and roles.

Benefits of play include:

  • health, fitness and well-being
  • pre-literacy skills
  • cognitive skill development
  • communication
  • growth
  • fine and gross motor development
  • creative expression
  • happiness
  • independence
  • leadership abilities
  • mental strength
  • development
  • perception
  • personal growth
  • problem solving
  • self-confidence
  • social development
  • socialisation and human interaction
  • tolerance

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