Babies and Children 0-12 years


Your child deserves the best start in life. At Cerebral Palsy Alliance, you can access more than 50 early intervention and development programs that can be tailored to the unique goals and needs of your child, from birth to primary school and beyond.

Every child. Every opportunity.

We are a proven provider of high-quality therapy and intervention for babies and children with a physical or neurological disability, including cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophies, development delay, spinal injury and intellectual disability.  

Our internationally renowned research institute provides unrivalled knowledge of neuroplasticity-focused therapies and the latest child development techniques. This ensures the best outcomes, helping your child to power learn during these crucial early years. 

Your child and family will have access to a combination of early childhood teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, conductors, psychologists, social workers, exercise physiologists and coaches. 

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To find out out we can help your child and family, call 1300 888 378 or  complete this form.

Four keys to your child’s future

Our holistic approach allows us to deliver high-quality services and supports in 4 key areas:

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A life of physical wellbeing and fitness starts early, with expert guidance from specialists in movement, communication, feeding and eating, exercise and sport.
Make the most of your child's early years to set them up with the skills they need for independence in learning, social life, behaviour, self-care and sleep.
You are there for your child and we are here for you. There's support coordination, respite, counselling, parent seminars, siblings programs and fun family days to connect with others.
It's an exciting time with new technologies, equipment and aids to give maximum independence in everything you or your child does. Find the best ones for home, study, workplace and play.