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Improve your child’s social and communication skills

Communication is a very social process that starts from birth, and is learned through everyday interactions with parents and carers. For children with autism spectrum disorder or social communication difficulties additional support is often needed to help them reach their communication potential.

Research shows and experts agree that when parents are given the tools to become a primary provider of early communication intervention children achieve their goals faster and with long-lasting results.

More Than Words® is a 12-week group program, delivered by a Hanen® certified speech pathologist, that teaches you step-by-step, how to support your child to have more meaningful interactions with others and connect with the world around them.

For most children, seeing a speech pathologist once per week isn’t enough time to reach their communication potential. Working together with a speech pathologist, you can set goals and activities to do at home every day, which will make a huge difference in your child’s learning, communication and social interactions.

More Than Words® is an evidence-based program that shows you how to use everyday activities like meal and bath time to improve your child’s communication and social skills. Each strategy is easy to understand and to put into practice so you will be comfortable and confident using them at home.


Access More Than Words® in the comfort of your own home and interact with your child in an environment familiar to them. Register your interest to secure your spot in our Term 2, 2021 session.

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  • Join your Hanen® accredited speech pathologist and a small group of parents for a 12-week evidence-based world-renowned program.
  • In a small, personalised group setting, you will learn practical strategies to help your child improve communication skills through everyday interactions and play.
  • The program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified with autism spectrum disorder or other social communication difficulties.
  • Parents who want to be equipped to help their child improve social and communication skills.

Connect with other parents while learning:

  • What motivates your child to communicate
  • How to support your child reach their full communication potential
  • How to set appropriate and realistic goals
  • How to make interactions with your child last longer
  • Tips for using pictures and print to help your child’s understanding
  • Strategies for how to talk so that your child understands you
  • Strategies for developing your child’s play skills
  • Ways to help your child make friends
  • Information Session
  • Individual pre-program consultation
  • Weekly group sessions for parents
  • Three individual sessions for parents and children

Hanen® white paper, Parent-Implemented Early Language Intervention: What Really Works? is a free introduction to an increasingly in-demand way of working with children. With a detailed explanation of the importance of parent-implemented intervention, proven strategies to help parents bolster their child’s communication skills and a sample coaching framework you can use in your work, Parent-Implemented Early Language Intervention: What Really Works? is the perfect way to learn new approaches, or review what you already know.

Does my child need a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or social communication delay?

No, your child does not need to be diagnosed, however they do need to have a social-communication delay of some level. A CPA speech pathologist will work with you to determine if the group is suitable for your child’s needs or if a different program would be more beneficial.

Can both my partner and I attend the group and individual sessions?

It is actually preferable for both parents to attend, however we understand this is sometimes difficult for families to arrange.

What if I can only attend some of the sessions? Can my partner attend instead?

To get the most out of the program it is best that at least one parent attends all sessions. It is possible to miss 1 or 2 sessions if unavoidable but if you miss too many then you will be foregoing a large portion of content. The program intervention strategies are also delivered sequentially. In the case where you can’t make a session your partner can attend in your place, but we advise ‘tag-teaming’ between sessions is kept to a minimum for the program to be its most effective.

Does the speech pathologist do any direct work with my child?

Yes, absolutely. The speech pathologist has 1-to-1 appointments with your family at four stages throughout the program. Individual sessions are home visits with each of the families 1-to-1, to go through how you are progressing with applying the program principles in your daily routine.

What is the program agenda?

  • Orientation Session 28/6/2019 10-12pm
  • Individual pre-program consultation (1.5 hours in July – Date TBC) – Assessment and baseline collection
  • Week 1 – 26/7/2019 10am – 12.30pm
  • Week 2 – 2/8/2019 10am -12.30pm
  • Individual session 1hr between 7/8/19 – 9/8/19
  • Week 3 – 16/8//2019 10am – 12:30pm
  • Week 4 – 23/8/2019 10am – 12:30pm
  • Individual session 1hr between 28-30/8/2019
  • Week 5 – 6/9/2019 10am – 12:30pm
  • Week 6 – 13/9/2019 10am – 12:30pm
  • Week 7 – 20/9/2019 10am – 12:30pm
  • Individual session 1hr between 25-27/9/2019
  • Week 8 – 4/10/2019 10am – 12:30pm

What happens during the individual sessions?

Your speech pathologist will video interactions and play tasks between you and your child. These are then used for you and your speech pathologist to continue learning. This is an extremely powerful tool as many parents will remark that they didn’t realise what they were or weren’t doing.

Are the group sessions individualised according to my child’s needs and behaviours?

The group sessions are focussed on explaining and training parents on the principles and strategies in the program. However, there is time allocated throughout each group session for parents to plan and brainstorm how the strategies can be applied to their child and receive support from the speech pathologist to get them on the right track.

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