Hydrotherapy and Water Exercise

The safety and wellbeing of CPA clients is at the centre of our practice. In line with direction from the Australian Government around COVID-19, this service is temporarily postponed until the risk of infection is reduced. If you would like to be notified when this service is back up and running, please complete the form on this page.

In the meantime, please consider our CPA Telepractice services.

Hydrotherapy and Water Exercise
This service can be funded by your NDIS package, under the following categories:

Experience the freedom of movement in water, with a hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise program. Choose from a group or individualised program.

Exercise and therapy in water has multiple benefits, including: 

  • independence of movement not possible on land
  • decreased swelling, improved circulation and reduced pain
  • support of body weight, enabling easier walking and general mobility
  • reduced muscle spasm, allowing relaxation
  • pain management
  • improved water confidence, and
  • improved fitness.

Enjoy a session in our accessible hydrotherapy pool on Sydney's Northern Beaches or at your local venue.

This service falls under the NDIS categories listed above as well as pay as you go, for a term.

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