Thinking differently about how to spend the day


At CPA, we’re all about creating an inclusive and caring community, for an environment where you or your child will always feel a sense of belonging.

Spending the day doing things that result in meaningful outcomes is a big part of that.

That’s why we’ve created an exciting new group program that offers young people one to one youth coaching that’s proven to enable greater and more meaningful participation in the community and the workforce. And in a way that’s tailored to each individual.

"one to one youth coaching is proven to enable greater and more meaningful involvement in the community and workforce.”


It's backed by research1 that shows 100% of young people living with a disability are more likely to follow a path that leads to greater participation in the community and the workforce when given access to one on one coaching with an expert CPA Youth Coach.

That’s why CPA Masterclass combines the coaching expertise of our CPA Youth Coaches, with the support of specialist CPA Disability Support Practitioners to create a term-based experience that offers an innovative approach to skills development and community participation. 


When and where does CPA Masterclass run?

  • The program runs from 9am – 3pm, Monday to Friday
  • The program is primarily term-based, and runs year round
  • Masterclass is a community-based program with CPA sites as headquarters
  • Individuals can start whenever they like and join as many days as they like


Masterclass outcomes

  • Participation and capacity building through activity-based learning
  • Self-belief and independence
  • Strong social connections
  • Practiced work experience through social enterprise


Who can enrol in Masterclass?

  • School leavers and young adults (aged 17-30 years)
  • Young people living with physical and/or neurological conditions
  • Young people looking for a meaningful pathway after school
  • Young people wanting an alternative to a traditional day program in a centre
  • Young people who want to build their confidence and connect with others
  • Have funding to participate in programs through Core Supports or SLES


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CPA Youth Coaches

There’s never a dull moment when our CPA Youth Coaches are around. They come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. And their experience is second to none. Meet some of the team below.


1Throughout 2019, CPA has worked with Accenture to deliver 500 over 1000 hours of youth coaching to young people living with moderate to complex disability

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