Active Lads

Improve your strength and fitness with our all male weekly EP group program.

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Weekly On Tuesday3:00 pm - 4:00 pm16-21 years

Active Lads program is a fun and interactive weekly exercise program delivered by CPA’s ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists.  

The weekly program includes a 60-minute session promoting healthy development through the use of exercise and physical activity.

This practice provides an opportunity for young adults to develop strength, endurance, and gross motor skills in a safe, fun and friendly environment. The group sessions are kept small so participants build strong friendships as a result of participation.  

Note: This weekly program runs in line with NSW school term dates ONLY.

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What does it involve?
  • Facilitation of exercise in group format (typically 1 EP: 3-4 participants) 
  • Fun and interactive group activities  
  • Tailored individualised exercise program designed to meet functional and health related goals.  
  • Development of a home exercise program to ensure that health patterns are continued outside of the clinic environment and incorporated into weekly routines.  
  • Delivery of sessions on-site at CPA centre
What are the outcomes?
Who is the program for?
  • Teens and young adults aged 16-21 years
  • Participants looking to increase their health and fitness in a group environment  
  • Participants who can independently follow instructions and exercises (or with the support of a carer)

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This service is available at

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Erina centre

Erina centre

3/20 Karalta Rd, Erina NSW 2250
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This service can be funded by your NDIS package

  • Capacity Building - Improved Health & Wellbeing (Category 12)
  • Capacity Building - Improved Daily Living (Category 15)

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Frequently asked questions

Infants 12 months or younger are eligible if they have the following:

  • Clinical history indicating risk for cerebral palsy

Risk factors include (but not limited to) prematurity, birth defects, genetic conditions, intrauterine growth restriction, hypoxia-ischaemia, seizures, neonatal stroke, infection

  • Abnormal neuroimaging-MRI or Cranial Ultrasound (CUS) indicative of possible motor impairment
  • Motor dysfunction


This might include abnormal General Movements, very low scores on standardised assessment (e.g. below 10th percentile on AIMS), poor head control after 3 months, hand asymmetry after 4 months, not able to take weight through feet after 5 months, not sitting at 9 months.

Priority will be given to infants who have not previously seen a neurologist.