A young boy sitting on a playmat surrounded by toys with a therapy worker supporting him

Your opinion: Neural implants for children with cerebral palsy

This study involves a survey of people with CP and their parents/carers, asking them about three neural implants that are used or could be used to manage conditions associated with cerebral palsy. Here, neural implants refer to devices placed inside the body to interact with nerve cells.

By understanding the cerebral palsy community’s opinions on when an early intervention is justified by its potential benefits to daily living, researchers can prioritise resources and design clinical trials with user needs in mind.

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To register your interest in taking part in this study, get in touch with:

Mr Samarth Shrivastava

The University of Sydney, School of Biomedical Engineering

Email: sshr5471@uni.sydney.edu.au

Phone: 0402 039 254

Closing date for recruitment: 22 September 2023