CPA@home – Video series

Services available through CPA@home include therapy, health and wellbeing, as well as coaching and a series of skills building workshops.

Check out what our clients, therapists and facilitators are saying about how their CPA@home sessions are going.

What’s CPA Telepractice like?

Marge’s Telepractice story

Marge is progressing towards her goals with exercise physiology sessions via Telepractice with CPA therapist, Russell.

Jett’s Telepractice story

Jett is a five year old boy who had a brain tumour and has gone on an incredibly brave journey of recovery, thanks to the support of his family and therapists at CPA.

Laker’s Telepractice story

Lauren talks about how successful her son, Laker’s therapy sessions are now they’re being delivered via CPA Telepractice.

Sienna’s Telepractice story

Sienna’s mum, Michele and her therapist share how Sienna is going with her occupational therapy and speech therapy sessions now they’ve transitioned to CPA Telepractice.

Therapists tips on Telepractice

Three of CPA’s therapists share their experiences of delivering therapy sessions to clients via CPA Telepractice.

Exercise tips to get you moving

Weekly challenges

Week 5: Ad break

CPA Exercise Physiologist Alex sets this week’s health and wellbeing challenge to help you stay fit at home – ad break challenge!

Week 4: Sit to Stand

CPA Exercise Physiologist Russell sets this week’s health and wellbeing challenge to help you stay fit at home – sit to stand!

Week 3: Healthy eating

This week it’s all about what you eat. CPA Exercise Specialist Will shares some tips on healthy snacking.

Week 2: Wall squat

CPA Exercise Physiologist Natalie sets this week’s health and well being challenge to help you stay fit at home – wall squats! Let us know how you go!

Week 1: Exercising outdoors

CPA is setting a weekly health and wellbeing challenge to help you stay fit and motivated. This week is about exercising outdoors, presented by Lauren, one of our Exercise Physiologists.

The benefits of exercise

One of CPA’s Exercise Physiologists, Alex Wilson outlines the benefits of exercise and how he’s delivering exercise classes and programs via Telepractice.