CPA Challenger 13+

Enoch on supporting the community with exercise physiology

As an Exercise Physiologist at CPA Prairiewood, Western Sydney, Enoch supports people living with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to improve their movement and mobility.

Ryan’s journey to landing his dream job

With the support of CPA, Ryan is progressing on his journey towards landing his dream job. He’s building communication and social skills, confidence and independence to travel independently, and has landed a volunteer role at Northern Beaches hospital.

CPA Challenger Career Workshop

CPA challenged a group of young people with disability to participate in a Career Workshop. This involved hearing inspiring speakers and skill-building workshops to learn about possible career pathways in a fun and supportive environment.

Nicole’s story

Nicole was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and has been supported by CPA throughout her life with therapy and services, helping her live her best possible life. Now CPA are supporting Nicole as she transitions towards adulthood and independence.

Ben’s story

Ben has cerebral palsy and asperger’s but lives his best life and conquers all his goals with the support of CPA.

Ruby’s story

Ruby was diagnosed with autism. She is supported by CPA with expert therapy and social skills programs to live her best life, as she transitions into adulthood and independence.

Dr Hugh Walker on Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

CPA is partnering with Diverse Minds, a specialist psychological practice developed to identify and support individuals who may be on the Autism Spectrum.