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Type of cerebral palsy
Arm ability
Communication ability
Movement disorder
Intellectual ability

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Mobility: Gross Motor Function Classification System (GMFCS) – classifies severity of mobility difficulties of children and adolescents with CP. GMFCS Level I Walks without limitations in the home and community, climbs stairs and can run and jump, difficulties with speed and coordination. GMFCS Level II Walks with limitations, difficulties with long distances and uneven surfaces, uses a railing for climbing stairs, limited running and jumping. GMFCS Level III Walks using a hand-held mobility device such as crutches or walking frame, may use wheeled mobility for long distances. GMFCS Level IV Usually relies on wheeled mobility with assistance, may use powered mobility, usually needs special seating and assistance with transfers. GMFCS Level V Usually transported in a manual wheelchair, requires specialised seating and full assistance for transfers.