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Are you up for the challenge?

icare Foundation have partnered with CPA to deliver an innovative framework of programs for people aged 18–35 years living with traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Engage in projects with purpose and benefit from structured social support, all tailored to your interests, aims and needs. The programs have been designed with input from other young people with TBI to ensure that they will be both useful and enjoyable.

Places are limited!

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Create your Challenge!

You’re invited to join us for project-based workshops with 1:1 coaching, as well as social workshops with structured peer support.

The programs can be tailored to your specific interests, strengths, aims and needs, meaning that you get to choose your own adventure. Connect with others while you develop your skills, and have fun in the process!

Challenger is CPA’s integrated framework of programs for young people. Challenger is designed to empower people who have experienced a TBI, so they develop the skills they need to succeed – whatever their next adventure.

  • Work with a small group to choose a project that appeals to you and that will help you challenge yourself. Example projects could include art, multimedia, music, tech, hospitality – the list is endless. You can choose to work as a group or individually.
  • Develop useful practical skills, confidence and friendships while completing your project over a 10-week period.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to present and showcase your project work and achievements to peers.
  • Benefit from 1:1 coaching with a CPA Youth Coach who will personally support you throughout the challenge.
  • Connect with, support and be supported by other young people with TBI, while taking control of your social calendar over a 14-week period.
  • Selection of activities will be entirely up to participants, allowing you to customise your experience.
  • Connect with others, develop friendships, build upon your skills and increase your independence.
  • Help organise a small-group getaway to celebrate your new friendships and achievements.
  • Help support others as they navigate their own challenges.
  • Be supported by both your peers and experienced CPA Youth Coaches throughout the challenge.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA) provides expertise that really makes a difference for Australians living with complex neurological and physical disabilities. They’ve been enabling great outcomes for their clients for more than 70 years!

CPA’s accredited professionals have expertise across individual coaching and group experience, everyday living, supported employment, health and wellbeing, therapy, and short term and supported accommodation.

N.B. To be eligible for these project-based and social workshops, you will need to be a participant in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme or a worker in the Workers Care Program.

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