How you helped change lives in 2022

Your incredible impact in 2022

Thanks to your generous support, CPA has continued to drive world-leading research into preventing, treating and curing cerebral palsy. We’ve been able to assess babies earlier, fast tracking them to diagnosis and early intervention therapy. Thanks to you, people of all ages that live with disability have access to new equipment that accelerates therapy outcomes, exciting programs that drive participation, and are enabled to achieve their goals for independence and inclusion.

Each year, CPA’s incredible partners (including you!) continue to step up and advocate for a more inclusive society in which people with disability, and their families, have access to opportunities, experiences, and support that enriches their lives.

Here’s how you’ve helped

Tue 6 Dec 2022
Canberra Morning Tea

In October, we were delighted to have the opportunity to meet in person with over 40 of our wonderful donors from the Canberra area and thank them for their generous support.

Babies born prematurely must overcome many challenges in their early days, and sometimes the life-saving treatments they receive can have other impacts, such as causing brain injury.

Ian Sharp has made a gift of $105,000 over three years to help change the future for babies at risk of cerebral palsy.

CPA has once again teamed up with Swimming Australia to offer swim camps for people with disability. 

Tue 6 Dec 2022
Supporting our facilities

This year we've taken important steps to improve our sites and facilities. 

As well as offering people with disability access to life-changing therapies and services, CPA also funds and drives world-leading research.

Technology has the power to transform the lives of people living with disability. 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance continues to lead the way in early detection and intervention for babies at risk of CP.